We are a team of volunteers with a simple goal to provide opportunities for all people to access safe, affordable housing. In order to do this, we run a variety of interventions aimed at fostering a sense of belonging, engaging the broader community, and empowering people who have been recently homeless or at risk of homelessness with skills to foster change.

The Homeless Project is a public benevolent institution registered with ASIC and ACNC – (Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission) which is the governing body for registered charities in Australia.

Donations to the Homeless Project are tax deductible.

Our mandate is that 100% of all donations are delivered to the cause. Even our logo and website has been generously donated.

Our mission is to develop a range of strategies that facilitate social inclusion and equity housing.

Our current aims and objectives:


  • To design and construct dignified, purpose-built, wheelchair compliant dwellings for people who are homeless or at risk.
  • To support and foster innovative research-backed initiatives that address youth homelessness in Victoria.
  • To continue to offering a free integrative psychological and counseling outreach service.

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P.O.Box 222 Seaford VIC 3198