The Homeless Project hosts an integrative psychological outreach service with a simple dual purpose. First, to provide free counselling and psychological support to individuals living in crisis accommodation services and second, to provide psychological training and placement opportunities for provisional psychologists and psychologists.

The IPOS was generated from a need to provide placement and supervision opportunities for psychologists and provisional psychologists in Master’s programs around Australia or for those provisional psychologists undertaking the 5 + 1 pathway to registration.

A need was also identified within the local community whereby individuals who were recently homeless, or at risk of homelessness could benefit from seeking practical evidenced based support and intervention at no cost in order to improve their living conditions.

Are you seeking a placement?

We are currently not seeking interns at this time. Please contact us if you would like to express your interest.

Dr Kelly Allen



041 222 0596


P.O.Box 222 Seaford VIC 3198