We empower local unemployed and homeless people with the skills and equipment required for urban bee keeping.

We all know the importance of bees and their vital contribution of pollinating plants that feed us. In fact without bees there’d be no food on your plate and human life may struggle to sustain.

Bees are currently under threat from a variety of imported pests and human activity.

We at the The Homeless Project Ltd are keen to help. We’ve created a program to educate and provide equipment to unemployed and homeless people to manage bee hives in urban environments. By learning new skills and staying active, this can have a positive effect on the mental health of our clients.

We are currently fundraising to purchase apiary equipment such as bee suits, bee hives, etc.

Free Clothing Service

We’ve linked up with Upparel which is an organisation that aims to reduce clothing landfill.

Believe it or not, millions of brand new garments are thrown out every year by clothing manufacturers and retailers to make way for new season fashion.

Rather than destroy these clothes, Upparel collects this clothing and allows not for profits such as The Homeless Project to distribute to those in need within the local community.

Building Better Schools

With a view that a non-optimal scholastic experiences can lead to homelessness, The Homeless Project has contributed to the production of a book called “Building Better Schools with Evidence Based Policy”.

This book is free to download and it is hoped that if schools around Australia can adopt policies from this book, then this may improve the outcome for students. Here is a link if you’d like a copy, click on the link below



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